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whatsapp sex chat

The Complete Guide to WhatsApp Sex Chat and Why It's a Better Way to Connect & Flirt


WhatsApp is now branching out into yet another industry, as it has been reported that it will soon be launching a new feature for chatting with people you find attractive and who find you attractive.

As with Tinder, users will be able to indicate whether they’re interested in chatting by tapping on a green heart or not interested by tapping on a red ‘X’. Criteria for ‘matching’ are not yet confirmed but WhatsApp is set to launch this service before the end of 2017.

The idea behind this service is that it will allow users to chat anonymously without having to give up their personal phone number or email address.

WhatsApp is a great platform for intimate Whatsapp sex chat, it provides the user with privacy and anonymity. It enables people to have access to private conversations that they can share with the select few that they want. However, this very feature of WhatsApp can be a curse as well.

Chatting with Strangers on WhatsApp

An anonymous asker posted on Quora asking if WhatsApp is safe for sex chat? And the answer was shocking! This question was answered by a female physician who said: “I would not recommend this at all, particularly because any such chats can be instantly forwarded to others and widely distributed.”

Best Ways to do Sex Chart with Someone You Met Online

The world has changed and so have our lifestyles, thanks to technology. Sex chat on WhatsApp has become the new normal for many people.

In 2017, it was reported that the number of WhatsApp users in India who said yes to sex chat had doubled. With all this in mind, it’s not impossible to imagine a future where we are able to have virtual relationships with people who are thousands or even millions of miles away from us.

Virtual relationships would also help people who are not comfortable with their sexual orientation or identity because they could be themselves without having any fear of judgement from family or peers.

The chat app might have gone through several changes to adapt to the changing times. However, it has not been without controversy. WhatsApp sex chats have become an emerging trend in India.


Experts claim that these chatbots are getting better at convincing users of their reality and some people have experienced emotional attachment to these bots. But as we all know, there has been a lot of concern about the security and privacy of chats on this app.

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