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We at our Mumbai Escorts Agency are not like all other escort service who are jack of trade and master of none. Due to our long experience in these escort service we provide world best and world first class escort service to all our esteem customers. Our area of specialization include but not limited to the following:-

  • Fully vaccinated girls
  • Excellent and effective communication
  • Very rich and genuine gallery
  • Easy and convenient booking procedures
  • Quality and VIP service
  • Hygienic environment
  • Safety of clients privacy
  • Well trained security personnel
  • Honestly and integrity
  • Clients opinion is respected
  • Thoroughly trained and world first class call girls
  • Friendly, respectful and polite models
  • Educated, sexy, beautiful, clean and fresh girls
  • International girls

The above qualities make us stand tall and outstanding among all other escort service in the whole of India and the world at large.

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The home of Sexy and Hot Call Girls

Our escort services promise to provide you with the best in the class. We have a huge variety of highly educated and trained call girls. They are from different social strata and have varied interests. We offer girls who are housewives, virgin, teenager, college going, Lesbians, foreigners or anything else as per your requirements.

All of them know how to make you drip right from the start. You will be awe with their smooth, silky and highly sensuous body. They know the art of seduction and passion like never before. They are the true kamasutra goddesses who knows amazing intimacy poses that guarantees full satisfaction and fun.


We always keep on adding our database and increasing girls as per your requirements. We offer attractive remuneration and additional bonus and packages to our girls. That’s why most of the top-rated escorts Mumbai are working with us proudly. We have a no boundation policy with flexible timings. With real girls, they can become your real friends and life time arm candy.

Contact us to be a part of our enjoyment and passionate group.

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Do you want your sexual urge to be quench? I am here for you.

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Do you want your sexual urge to be quench? I am here for you.

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Do you want your sexual urge to be quench? I am here for you.

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Chinese Call Girls


Do you want your sexual urge to be quench? I am here for you.

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We understand the fact that so many people can’t differentiate between in call and out call services.
I will take a little time to explain what they mean and how to book them.


The term in-call booking simply means a situation where you as a client walk down or travel to escort apartment, homes and hostel. The following steps are involved in in-call booking:-

Call girls in Mumbai

Walk into any of our offices, Hotels, apartment

Fill the booking form correctly with all the necessary information

Submit the already filled form

1. Then expect the best of sexual satisfaction within seconds

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Out-call is all about you stay at the comfort of your location and take the following steps:-

Escorts in Mumbai

Pick up your phone and search our website

Go through our rich and well endow gallery

Pick your specs out of our beautiful girls

Fill the form that pop up after clicking your choice Correctly with require information



Our elegant and sexy girls are capable of making you cum several times in bed, they make your bed warm by:-

  • Different erotic positions.
  • Body and eye communication while in the mood
  • Giving you the charge, they will now like to ride on you
  • Time for talking about fantasy
  • Expert in group sex


We don’t like compromises. And when it comes to fun and frolic then why should you compromise. Thus, you get exactly what you are looking for . Bring out all your teenage memories, your first jerk desires, that neighborhood aunty, that hot maid or anyone else, and we promise to bring her to your bed. She will be all yours and will make your bed a dream come true for you.

Laid her on the bed, under the bed, on the window, in the shower, on the roof, in the car or any place you want. Even bring out your best toys and keep fucking her 24*7 and see the pleasure and red flushed cheeks. If you want to have a group fun, then bring your friends too. Our girls will bring theirs too. Together it will be a loud room with too much of intense moans.

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Top Escorts Locations

Our call girls in Mumbai don’t want to leave any inch of your body and thus we also similarly and don’t want to miss any inch of Mumbai. We are inflated in all over:-

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We serve in the following locations. But if we are not near you, ring us and let us know and we will be more than happy to serve you at your home.

We know how to make the night unforgettable for you –

Our girls are also up to the task of taking you high in bed by:-

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Making use of our magic hands to run high sexual sensation through you.



We also love to initiate and undress before you.



We like you to try out the new style.


Fair rates

We make you feel manly.

Escorts at Mumbai

How To Request for a Call Girl in Mumbai

Our Escorts agency offers top-notch dating girls in Mumbai and its environs. We have a pool of highly experienced escorts dedicated to ensuring every customer gets a mind-blowing love-making experience. If you are stuck in an unfulfilling sexual relationship then it's high time you consider trying out our services.

At our escorts Mumbai, you are assured of a thrilling love encounter with hot girls just waiting to be pampered with sex and love. While these girls aim to spice up your sex life, they also love and can make you enjoy every moment you spend together.

We have a quick turnaround time in matching you with a girl of your dream. You can either contact us through our online chat system or contact any of our call girls through our website.

Alternatively, you can reach out to us directly so that we can hook you up with independent escorts or any other exclusive services that may not be available on our website. It doesn't matter whether you are a VIP or anyone from all walks of life.

Our escort services ensure we match every person with an ideal person for a quick sexual encounter. Whether you are in Mumbai for a short visit, conference, a tourist or just looking for an impromptu sexual encounter, we have your back. All you need is to visit our page chooses a call girl that you want and let's hook you up immediately.

The booking process

First, you can go through our escorts gallery and decide on the type of model you want for a night. Depending on your preference, you have the freedom to either choose unsatisfied housewife escorts or go for high-end escorts like Russian girls, independent models, celebrities, sexually thirsty college students, Hostess Escorts among many other category of call girls.

At Mumbai escorts, we ensure every client gets what fits their standards and choice. Regardless of your location around Mumbai, we have a flexible team of customer service experience professionals that ensures every person is matched with an ideal partner. Do not mind about age since we have a wide range of escorts that match the need of every person.

Here are a variety of sex styles you can request from our models

Mumbai escorts aims to transform the escort scene by offering exclusive sex services that you may not have experienced anywhere else. Here is an overview of what you can expect.

Dog style;- If you are a fan of bend over the sexual encounter, then be prepared to enjoy dog style.

Missionary; Typically, this involves you being on top of the girl as you enjoy her warmth and penetrate her wet pussy gently.

Wheelbarrow; Though uncommon, you can request this style if you find it comfortable

Leapfrog. If you enjoy dog style, you can go for leapfrog as well. This involves getting on your knees and arms on the bed. You can then penetrate gently as you enjoy pumping her wet pussy.

Other styles that you can request include;-

You are free to request any style that you find comfortable. The bottom line is that we aim to ensure you enjoy every moment during your sexual encounter with our escorts.

The Russian Escort Service

The Russian call girls is an exclusive service offered by Mumbai escorts agency. As we aim to diversify our services to meet market demands, we invest time and energy in adapting to new trends in the World of the escort business.

That way, we bring a new twist in love-making by offering clients exclusive offers that they may never have experienced anywhere. It is no doubt that every sexually thirsty man can not ignore the beauty of Russian girls.

Although in high demand, we only run this category of hook-up through calls and hotel arrangements. So if you visit Mumbai and want some classic love experience with a Russian girl, then it's high time you consider consulting our Mumbaibeauties for a quick hook up.

Besides offering affordable escort services for various categories of hook up are dedicated to offering excellent customer service to every individual.

Whether you have broken up with your partner, looking for a one-night stand, or tourists who want to be shown around Mumbai, we can hook you up with a Russian escort to spice up your love experience. The majority of Russian independent escorts on our platform are either working or lonely and looking for love.

Credible escort service experience

Our escorts Girls are one of the most trusted escort services in Mumbai. Our excellent customer service experience is one of the key elements that has made us stand out in the escort industry. While there are several escort platforms in Mumbai, you may not come across an escort agency that matches our standards.

Whether you need VIP services, Hotel arrangements, residential, or want to go out with a foreign girl, we have a variety of choices for you. This makes us a one-stop escort service that offers unrivaled hook-up services around Mumbai.

Why Mumbai escorts?

Mumbai escorts not only offers affordable escort services in Mumbai but also places emphasis on customer satisfaction. If you are stuck on where to get an experienced escort for a one-night stand then it's high time you consider booking one from our platform. We work round the clock to ensure every client is matched with an escort of their choice.

While getting a fulfilling sexual partner may be challenging, we make things easy for you by connecting you with our ever-ready call girls. Mumbai Escorts is one of the escort platforms among hundreds across India. Having been in the escort business for years, we have all it takes to help you enjoy a fabulous holiday through matching you with a hot and romantic escort.

Some of our call girls are not only professional in handling sex matters but have an excellent customer service experience. This is why we have been on top of the game for several years down the line. In that case if you long for a romantic and fulfilling sexual encounter, then its high time you contact us so that we can spice up your sex life.

Whether you are shy at approaching ladies and stuck in unromantic affair, you can request for a hook up through our platform. With our escort service, be ready for a thrilling romantic sex that will leave you wondering whether you are still on earth or in a different planet.

Mode of Communication

We have a blend of various channels that you can use to reach us. Besides our round-the-clock chat system available on our website, clients can reach us directly through calls, email, WhatsApp, and any other available means of communication on our platform. Do not suffer from loneliness when you can get a partner from our platform within minutes.

Whether you are outside India planning to fly to Mumbai for a visit, a meeting or just to have fan, you can always reach us so that we can make prior arrangement for a hook up. This will not only save you time and money to hire a tour guide but will also spice up your visit.

If you want to be served quickly you can either send a whatsapp message through our online escorts or call us directly. Whichever mode of communication that suits you, we are always flexible to reach out to every client looking for escort services within Mumbai.

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